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Where Do I End And The World Begin?

Where do I end and the World begin?

This question came up after having spent some time contemplating how to take responsibility for one´s own life, defining one´s own limits. How to separate what is ours from our egos need to build defenses? One serves us while the other may be a hindrance. To differentiate between the two is something I get to work on a lot. 

Where do I end and the world begin? When I hear a piece of music – where does my ear stop and where does the sound begin? When I see you – do you manifest outside my eyes, or do you already exist in my head? If I react to something – is it really something that I react to, or is it my own projection? If the world, with its myriad lifeforms proves to be basically a product of my consciousness, already inherent in me – how to draw this line?

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